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According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), nearly half of the 60 million people in the United States affected by mental health conditions do not receive treatment for their conditions. Lack of access is one of the main reasons for this, including the fact that many mental health providers are considered out-of-network with many health insurance plans. Out-of-pocket expenses can be very costly, making it unrealistic for many people to afford these services.


So what can individuals do while they navigate this search for mental health care? One of the benefits of living in today’s age of technology is that we have increased access to immediately available mental health resources through virtual and online outlets, including services such as support groups, mobile apps and helplines.


Online Mental Health Support Groups

Finding the right support group can be immensely helpful in supporting mental health by decreasing feelings of loneliness, providing a safe space to discuss feelings openly, receiving feedback and discovering new resources from other members.


Here are a few online support groups that may be used to support mental health:


  • TheTribe – This online platform allows individuals with anxiety to come together virtually for peer-to-peer support. The site offers forums, chat rooms and various wellness tools for members to use.
  • ADAA Online Support Group – The Anxiety and Depression Association of America provides an online support group for members to connect with each other and share experiences and information.
  • Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) – The DBSA offers online support groups for a variety of individuals, including separate groups for young adults, veterans, seniors, and family members.
  • Discovery Mood & Anxiety Program (DMA) Support Groups – These free online support groups are for anyone who has been impacted by an eating disorder or mental health disorder, providing support for people in treatment, thinking about treatment, family members and alumni.

Online and virtual resources are accessible, low-to-no cost for users and provide crucial services for those requiring mental health support. While they don’t replace individual therapy or care from a mental health professional, they can be used as a stepping stone in treatment to provide support for individuals who are awaiting access to care or looking for a place to start. If you or someone you love is in need of mental health treatment, Solutions in Living can help. Specializing in Addiction Services in Northern Kentucky, Solutions in Living, located in Erlanger, KY, provides the support you need to gain and maintain wellness.

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